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Welcome to Fairy Trail Rabbitry

A small indoor holland lop rabbitry in the heart of kentucky, where our buns are loved & spoiled as a part of the family before they join yours! ♡

Available holland lop buns searching for their furever families!

We currently have two sweet, spunky girls looking for a families to call their own forever ♡ These sweeties are both started on litter box training and are used to free roaming a room in our house so they'd love to be spoiled house bunnos!!


Check Out Our Educational Bunny Blog!

We just started writing a blog that will have lots of useful bunny care info, tips, and diys! We are very excited about this new venture and are striving to make it a valuable resource for both new and experienced bunny owners to use. If you have any specific topics you want us to talk about feel free to send us a message. We are also always happy to help out with any bunny questions you have and offer lifetime support to all of our bunny's forever homes, so please feel free to reach out. We are hoping these posts will help us be able to go more into depth on topics that are covered in our Bunny Care Guide (if you are new to bunnies you might want to check our guide out as well as our Bunny Supply Checklist), as well as share information on completely new topics and bunny how tos, recipes, and diy guides. Plus lots of product recommendations and enrichment ideas! We are dedicated to helping bunnies around the world live happy, healthy, binky full lives! 

About The Holland Lop Breed

Sweet, Loving, & Outgoing!

Holland Lops are known to have sweet and gentle temperaments, and they can make wonderful pets for individuals or families with lots or attention and the proper care and handling. Please read through our care info page here to see if a bunny is a good fit for you! The Holland Lop is the smallest breed of lop eared bunny and weighs usually weighs about 3-4 pounds full-grown, although they can be a little bigger or smaller. The Holland Lop bunny is naturally sweet, but we work extra hard to make sure our bunnies are highly socialized before going to their forever homes. We love on our buns a ton and handle them from birth! Every bunny has their own personality and some are more snuggly, while others prefer to be on the ground running, exploring, or playing with toys and others will be a mix of the two! Holland Lops are also very intelligent and can learn to use a litter box (we start all of our bunnies on litter box training) and can even learn tricks (a great way to bond with your bun)! They love and need lots of attention and enrichment to keep from getting bored. They make wonderful free-roaming house pets and ESA companions!! Check our our Buns in Forever Homes! page to see some of our past bunnies in their new homes.

Blue Magpie VM Holland Lop Bunny Being Held
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