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Our Bunnies

Meet our personal pet bunnies! These buns are our forever pets and are all spayed/neutered and loved and spoiled endlessly!! ♡


Black VM Buck

Date of Birth: 10/6/2021
Remy is our sweet little love!!  He seriously has such an incredibly sweet, friendly, outgoing personality! This precious boy loves people and will seek attention, he hops right into our laps for loving! He absolutely loves cuddles and head pets and will follow us around the house for attention like a little puppy!

He is also very intelligent and has even started to learn some tricks with his pellets as treats (he loves to be hand-fed them too!) Remy is also super curious and he loves to explore. This boy is so spoiled and loved!! 

He is black with beautiful white markings and bright blue eyes to match plus the sweeetest little face!

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