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Rabbit Boarding Services

We are now offering bunny boarding services for families local to Richmond, Kentucky. Our rabbit boarding rate is $20 per night and each additional bunny is $5. This includes a spacious setup (16+ sqft) with washable rugs on the ground for traction, fresh water in a large bowl, unlimited timothy hay, and any special accommodations for your bun.

All boarding buns will be treated like our own pets and spoiled with lots of attention and love! We will also send regular updates with pics and videos throughout their stay so you can feel comfortable knowing that your bun is being super well cared for while you are away.

We encourage you to bring your bunny's things (favorite toys/treats, dishes, hidey houses, blankets, litter box, litter etc.) to help make their stay as comfortable and homey as possible. We do require that you bring enough pellets for the entire stay. Please let us know any special requests you may have as well!

We are currently working on making a boarding form for you to fill out with your bun's preferences and things, to help their stay go as smoothly as possible!

Daisy's Bunny Boarding Pen Setup

Example Boarding Pen Setup

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