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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a Fairy Trail bun?

We generally ask $300-$400 for our hand raised baby Holland Lops and will sometimes have adult/older buns available for $100-$200. This price reflects the quality of care and amount of time, love, and attention poured into our buns! ♡ It is our top priority that all of our buns get very wonderful forever homes where they will be spoiled and loved just as much as they are here.


Here at Fairy Trail Rabbitry every bunny is a part of the family and we strive to take the best care possible of them. All of our bunnies are raised indoors in spacious pen setups (16 sqft minimum) and are spoiled with lots of attention, toys, hidey houses, and enrichment. We also keep our rabbitry small and only have a few litters at a time so we will be able to dedicate plenty of individual attention to all of the babies and adults. Every baby is hand raised and loved on from day one so they have exceptionally friendly and sweet personalities and will make the perfect house bunnies! We also offer lifetime support to all of our bunny homes and love to stay in touch after our bunnies go to their forever homes. ♡

Do you offer shipping?

What if you want to adopt a Fairy Trail bun but are too far away to make the drive? The health and safety of our bun(s) is always our number one priority so we will only work with reputable private transporters such as someone from Citizenshipper or uShip that will only be transporting our bun(s) and will make a direct trip from us to you to minimize the stress of travel on our bun(s). Citizenshipper will provide almost immediate quotes if this is something you would like to look into. These are both sites of independent private transporters so the cost will vary depending on time of year, location, distance, etc. and can be hard to predict.


If you would like to consider flying in to pick up your bunny, we do offer pickup nearby the airport in Lexington, KY and can get a health certificate from our local rabbit vet. The cost of this is usually around $100 and we ask that you pay it if you are interested in flying with your bunny. Alaska Airlines allows bunnies to fly in cabin (which is the only way we will allow our buns to fly since it is much less stressful for them) rather than cargo. You will need to call them ahead of time to make reserve a spot for your bunny on the plane and make sure you have the correct size/type of carrier and any other necessary documents, etc. You can also read more about their policies here. Alaska Airlines charges a $100 fee to bring your pet in cabin, so it would be $200 total plus the cost of your plane ticket to fly in and pick up your Fairy Trail bun.


We have bunnies living all over the states and are always happy to help if you have any questions or concerns so please feel free to reach out!

Do male or female bunnies make better pets?

In my opinion, the individual bunny's personality and how they were raised matters more than gender. Especially since many common issues associated with the different genders including spraying/marking, territorial behaviors, moodiness, etc. are usually fixed by getting your bun spayed/neutered by a rabbit savvy vet when they are old enough (usually 4-6 months old). Generally male buns are more recommended as first time pets since they tend to be sweeter and less territorial when they reach maturity. Starting with a male bun can make it easier to get a second bun if you decide to later on, since males tend to be more receptive to new bunnies coming into their home than females. However this still depends on the individual bunny and their personality/temperament. At Fairy Trail Rabbitry all of our bunnies are hand raised and doted on from day one with tons of cuddles, pets, and attention so they all have very sweet personalities and make amazing pets regardless of gender!

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