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About Fairy Trail Rabbitry

Fairy Trail Rabbitry is very small family-run Holland Lop rabbitry based in Richmond, Kentucky. We regularly travel to Mt. Sterling, KY near Winchester and Lexington and are within driving distance of several other large cities including Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY and Knoxville, TN.


We raise quality, pedigreed Holland Lops indoors primarily for loving forever pet homes! All of our bunnies are litter box trained and highly socialized with both humans and other animals, so they will make the perfect companions and addition to your family! They are raised inside in spacious solid floored pens and also get lots of free-roam time in our home. They have access to both large water bowls and bottles, unlimited timothy hay, and quality alfalfa-based pellets. We also love to give them enrichment (pinecones, balls, diy toys, carboard boxes, tunnels, foraging mats, etc.) and fresh veggies (for buns older than 5-6 months). Our bunnies are loved on a ton from day one. They are used to being handled and getting lots of attention! All of our parent bunnies are also our pets and are loved beyond words! ♡ We are committed to raising happy, healthy, and friendly bunnies for amazing homes that will spoil and love them endlessly!!​

All of our babies are hand-raised lovingly and our socialization process starts at day one ♡ They are all handled and loved on in short sessions from birth. This helps to get them used to human touch early on, so they will trust people easier as they grow up. We continue giving our buns tons of attention, snuggles, and pets in longer sessions as they get older! It is our goal to raise super sweet, friendly, confident, & loving bunnies who will seek human attention and make amazing house pets ♡

We keep our holland lop rabbitry very small so we will be able to spoil and give lots of individual attention to each of our buns! All of our holland lops are selected not only for their beautiful colors/type but also for sweet, loving personalities! You can see pics and bios of our current buns on Our Bunnies page.

We raise a variety of colors of Holland Lops, although we plan to focus primarily on Vienna Marked VM Holland Lops with beautiful blue eyes as well as chocolates, magpies, and harlequins in the future!

We only rehome our bunnies after they turn 8 weeks old and are fully weaned and thriving. Our buns will go to their forever homes with a care package including a gallon ziploc of transition pellets, our bunny care guide, a birth certificate, their pedigree (for approved breeders only), their nails trimmed and fur brushed, their snuggle teddy with their mother/siblings scent, and other fun goodies (toys/treats)! We are always more than happy to help out with any questions you have and offer lifetime support to anyone that adopts a bunny from our family, so please feel free to reach out! 

Indoor Holland Lop Breeder Holding Blue Magpie VM Holland Lop Bunny
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