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Available Holland Lop Bunnies

Here at Fairy Trail Rabbitry, all of our bunnies are spoiled pets! They get lots of toys + enrichment, free-roam play time, and daily love and attention. Our Holland Lop buns are strictly indoor house pets and are used to spacious free roam style setups. Please feel free to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on all of our bunnies!

If you are interested in adopting a bunny from us, filling out our adoption application is the first step. You can fill it out here! Please be sure to send us a message when you put your application in so we can easily contact you back after we have reviewed it (usually within 48 hours). To learn more about our adoption process please read through our How To Adopt page and check out our FAQs.

We are also more than happy to help out with any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out. You can text us at
(859) 320-7653 or email

Everly & Boston

Born 6/3 | Ready to go home anytime!

Everly - $200
Black VM Doe

Meet Everly! This adventurous girl is a ball of spunk and sass!! She loves rearranging her blankets and doing the cutest little binkies and zoomies. Everly is such a tiny smoosh at just about 2 pounds full grown. She has the most charming blue eyes, helicopter ears, and asymmetrical markings.

This sweet girl prefers to have affection on her own terms and doesn't like to be held, but she is very curious and absolutely loves being hand fed. She loves to run excitedly up to me and around my feet when she wants to be fed. Everly's precious little face and silly antics will steal your heart!

Boston - $200
Black VM Doe

Boston was born to take on the world and is always planning her next adventure! ♡ She is full of happy binkies and zoomies and loves a good head rub too! She will also do the cutest flops and loves to stretch her whole body out to relax. Boston is a petite girl, full grown at just under 3 pounds, and has striking white markings and stunning blue eyes. 

Like her sister, Everly, Boston also absolutely loves being hand fed. She isn't a fan of being picked up, but will enjoy soaking up pets and lots of loving once she trusts you! She also gets super excited to see me and will run around my feet asking for food.

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