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Available Holland Lop Bunnies

Here at Fairy Trail Rabbitry, all of our bunnies are spoiled pets! They get lots of toys + enrichment, free-roam play time, and daily love and attention. Our Holland Lops bunnies are hand-raised in our home so they are used to getting tons of attention and love from day one! They each have their own spacious indoor x-pen setup and are started on litter box training before going to their forever homes. All babies will only go to their forever homes after they are 8 weeks old and fully weaned. You can see pics of parent buns and more about their personalities on Our Bunnies page. Please feel free to check out our nestbox to see our upcoming babies as well follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on all of our bunnies!

If you are interested in adopting a bunny from us, filling out our adoption application is the first step. You can fill it out here! Please be sure to send us a message when you put your application in so we can easily contact you back after we have reviewed it (usually within 48 hours). To learn more about our adoption process please read through our How To Adopt page and check out our FAQs.

We are also more than happy to help out with any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out. You can text us at
(859) 320-7653 or email

Summer + Remy

Born 3/25/23 | Ready to go home!

Macaroon aka Mac - $350
Chestnut VM (brown eyes) Buck

Macaroon aka Mac is such a chonky little boy! ♡ He has a super sweet and lovable personality to match his adorable face. This boy stole my heart from day one and is so precious!! I love his smooshy cheeks and tiny ears. One of his front paws is dipped in a little white. Mac will come running up for lots of pets and attention. He would be the most incredible house bun!!

Licorice - $350
Solid Black VC Buck

Licorice is the cutest little smooshy boy! ♡ He has a super sweet, laid back personality and loves people!! He is so absolutely adorable and has stolen all of our hearts. Licorice has such an adorable little face and he is even more precious in person!

Sprite - $350
Blue Eyed White Doe

Sprite is the definition of tiny by mighty! ♡ This precious little girl was the tiniest when they were babies and is finally caught up to the size of her siblings. She is a little firecracker of love and binkies! Sprite absolutely loves running through the house and getting tons of loving. She is very outgoing and has such a lovable personality!

Adult  Buns

Looking for forever pet homes!

We have several adult holland lops that we are looking for forever retirement pet homes for! Some of them will be ready after weaning their babies so it will be a couple of months, others are ready for their forever homes anytime! These buns are all very special to us and we will be looking for the perfect incredibly loving homes for each of them. They are strictly indoor house buns and we would love to find them homes where they will continue to be super spoiled! We would love to be able to receive updates on them in their new homes and are beyond happy to board them at our home anytime (as long as we have enough notice to setup a pen/space for them) if you are ever on vacation or away from home. If you are considering possibly adopting an adult, please feel free to reach out with any questions or just to chat! We are in no rush to find our buns the perfect matches ♡ 

Mittens - $150
Sable Point Buck

Mittens (previously Rupert) was returned to us along with Prim (previously Iggy), due to a family emergency that didn't allow their previous family to keep them. He is a Trixie and Remy baby that was born November, 4th 2022, so he is about 7 months old now.

Mittens is a very little curious and outgoing boy. He is a Trixie baby, so he has inherited her super sweet, attention seeking personality and is very food motivated! He is on the smaller side and is likely only about three pounds ♡  Mittens such an absolute charmer! This adorable boy is so much love and joy in a tiny, precious bundle. He would soak up all of the head rubs if he could, just like both his parents.

Prim - $150
Blue Eyed White Doe

Prim (previously Iggy) was returned to us along with Mittens (previously Rupert), due to a family emergency that didn't allow their previous family to keep them. She is an Ember and Remy baby that was born August 20th, 2022.

Prim is a total lovebug!! ♡  She is super gentle and loves to get head pets. She is also incredibly tidy with her litter box and keeps her pen spotless.

She gave birth on June 3rd, meaning she must have accidentally gotten pregnant while with her previous family and will only be ready for her forever home after 7/29 when her babies are 8 weeks old.

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