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5 Signs A House Bunny Could Be The Right Pet For You

Updated: Mar 10

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. Any advice given on Fairy Trail Rabbitry is not meant to be used in place of professional consultation, especially in the treatment and diagnosis of illness. I always recommend doing your own research and learn new things myself everyday. This post contains affiliate links. We are affiliates and may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking on our affiliate links. Thank you!

Bunnies are some of the cutest pets with their wiggling noses, soft fur, and adorable fluff ball tails. Watching them binky around your house in happiness is one of the most satisfying things to see. If you’re thinking about bringing a bunny into your life, here are a few signs that this might be the right choice for you.

You Have Time on Your Hands

Rabbits are often recommended as starter pets because they are small and quiet; however, they require just as much energy and time as any other pet. Even though they use litter boxes, they still need to be cleaned up after and groomed. You should also spend a good amount of time with your bunny every day in order to build a strong bond with them. If you have the time, taking on a bun can be one of the most rewarding decisions.

You Have a Gentle Touch

Because rabbits are prey animals, it’s important that you are able to handle them gently. They don’t do well with children who haven’t been taught how to properly handle animals. They have fragile bones that can easily break. They also flourish in calmer environments without sudden loud sounds or shocks. If you are gentle and patient with animals, you’d be the perfect potential bun parent.

You Want Companionship

Becoming a bun parent can help relieve anxiety and lift your mood. Bunnies have a way of cheering you up with their silly personalities and they offer a wonderful kind of companionship. While bunnies do take some time to warm up to you, once they do they can be incredibly affectionate. Unlike humans, bunnies aren’t there to judge every move you make. If you give them food and love and gentle attention, they will learn to adore you.

Bunnies show affection through grooming, which could look like anything from nudges and licks to small nibbles. Once you’ve bonded with your bunny, they might run around your feet in circles excitedly when you enter the room or demand head pets from you.

You Have Enough Space

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits cannot be kept in small cages. Wire floor cages are a definite no because rabbits do not have pads on the bottom of their feet. All they have is a thick fluff, so housing them in a wire cage can hurt their delicate feet. Additionally, small cages do not give them enough space to exercise or binky. If you keep a rabbit in an enclosure that is too small, they will quickly become depressed.

According to the House Rabbit Society, bunnies need at least 24 square feet of exercise space where they can run and play for several hours every day. When you first bring your bunny home, you should keep them in an exercise pen until they’re used to their environment. Make sure they are regularly using their litter box before giving them more space to explore. Having enough space for your bunny to play and binky really brings out their personality. You can close off a spare room in your house, bunny-proof a bedroom, or even give them full roam of the house.

You Care About the Environment

Bunnies are some of the most eco-friendly pets. They are vegans (they don’t eat any meat or dairy), which automatically reduces their carbon footprint. Unlike other pets, they do not require a lot of plastic products. Most rabbit toys are made out of natural materials like seagrass and wood.

Rabbit litter and poop can go straight into your composting bin. The poop also makes an incredible fertilizer for plants as it contains both nitrogen and phosphorus. If you’re especially eco-conscious, you can even source your bunny’s hay and vegetables locally (or grow the veggies yourself!).

Fairy Trail Rabbitry is a very small family-run indoor Holland Lop Rabbitry in Kentucky focused on raising loving companions and providing bunny care info and tips to both new and experienced bunny parents! All of our buns are also our beloved pets and are very loved and spoiled. We are dedicated to helping bunnies around the world live happy, healthy, binky full lives!

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